We love to help athletes win races. Several riders compete on our bikes in races like the EWS. Want this too? We are happy to work together.


If you are a promising or established rider and you would like to to compete in races with our bike, then we are happy to support.


Once you are accepted in the program, we will offer you a 15% discount on a frameset, with or without a gearbox.


We expect you to get sponsoring for the other components from other manufacturers.


In general from you we would like to receive video’s or picture of you riding with our bike, both on trails and in races.


Apart from that we expect you to be in close contact with our design team and tell us about your experience riding the bike and your idea’s for  improvements. We will use this information in the development of new bikes. Preferably we will see you in person at least once per year in Amsterdam.


Does that sound interesting for you? Fill out the form below and tell us already a bit about yourself. We will then send you more detailed information and see from there how to move on.