The trade deal between the UK and the EU means for you that  you can order our bikes and get them delivered without paying import duties.


As per 1st of January 2021 the standard import duty on bicycles in the UK is set to 14%. So if you would order a bike from the European Union, you would in many cases need to pay an extra 14% over the price.




The trade deal between the UK and the EU stipulates that trade in goods of preferential origin between the UK and EU will take place without import duties.


For this the manufacturer needs to prove that at least 55% of the value of the bikes have been added in the European Union.

no duties

As we are adding a lot of value in the Netherlands, like high-end coating system that is applied and custom wheel building, combined with the fact that we use a lot of components that are made in Germany, we can prove that at least 55% of the value is added in the EU.


For you this means that we will deliver the bike with a certificate of preferential origin, which will guarantee that you do not need to pay 14% import duty.


This is valid both for our bikes and our frame sets.


Please be aware that the pricing you see in the webshop when you visit our website from servers in the UK is shown without VAT.


The base price of a bike you should see in the webshop would be around EUR 6.300,00. This is excluding VAT.


When you get your bike delivered as a private person, you will need to pay the applicable VAT in the UK, which is 20%. Together with the VAT the price level of our bikes is comparable in the UK and the EU.