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Great you are ready to build your dream bike with our frame. We’d like to give you some hints to think about during the build. 


For our gearbox bikes you will need to build wheels around a single speed hub.


Pinion is offering the H2R or H3R hubs, single speed 148mm boost, that is what you need.


You could also try to get hold on hubs from Industry Nine. What you need is the following: Hydra – MTN – 32 hole – Classic Rr Hub – ISO 6 Bolt – Black – 12×148 – SS.


Alternatively you could have a look at the Onyx MTB BOOST ISO HGSS-148/12mm Thru-bolt Rear Hub.


If you do not want to build your own wheels, you could use a standard wheelset with a Shimano HG body and align the rear sprocket with spacers in the right position. This will give you a wheel that is not symmetric and dedicate single speed, but is a cheaper option.


We advise to use a lightweight chain, like the KMC X11EL or the KMC X11EL.


We recommend to use the following chain lengths:


M97 or M7 / 26T sprocket: 102 links

M9 / 26T sprocket: 104 links


M97 or M7 / 30T sprocket: 104 links

M9 / 30T sprocket: 106 links
The chain lengths as shown above are exclusive the missing link.

shock bushing

In our bikes we use a 8 x 19mm shock bushing. The FOX part number for that is: 803-03-277.


Please be sure that you use a 185 x 55 Trunnion shock on your bike. Our bikes use a soft sound damping rubber in the rocker system. In order to easily mount the shock, you might need to release some air from the shock while installing.


We use chain tensioners from Pinion, which you can order together with our frame. For the correct mounting you will need an adapter, which comes with your frame, together with the screws.


In the pictures you see how to mount the adapter on the Pinion, with one countersunk screw and one pan head screw. We have left out the chain ring and crank on the photo, to make the mounting of the adapter as clear as possible.


When the adapter is fitted, the chain tensioner is mounted on top of the adapter with two black pan head screws. The middle holes of the chain tensioner are used.

tire size

We normally assemble a 2.4 inch tire on the rear. Though it is possible to mount larger tires up to 2.6 inch on the rear.

gates belt

Although we love the silent ride and practically no-maintenance of a belt drive, we decided that we should focus on a lightweight chain drive. We found this to give less drag and a smoother suspension than a belt drive.


So presently it is not possible to mount a Gates belt on our frames. The belt tensioner would not have enough space and also a 30T gates chainring does not fit on this frame.

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If you have any question or you would like to talk personally to us for advise on our bikes or help you order your bike, then please give us a call, we are happy to help.

Call us at: +31 20 820 2212

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