build your frame

Great you are ready to build your dream bike with our frameset. We’d like to give you some hints to think about during the build.


We advise to use a lightweight chain, like the KMC X11EL. We recommend to use the following chain lengths:

30T sprocket

Reebok M, Coyote M or Kodiak M: 106 links
Ocelot M or Jackal M: 104 links

26T sprocket

Reebok M, Coyote M or Kodiak M: 104 links
Ocelot M or Jackal M: 102 links

The chain lengths as shown above are exclusive the missing link.

shock bushing

In our bikes we use a 8 x 19mm shock bushing. The FOX part number for that is: 803-03-277.

Please be sure that you use a 185 x 55 Trunnion shock on your bike. Our bikes use a soft sound damping rubber in the rocker system. In order to easily mount the shock, you might need to release some air from the shock while installing.


It is possible to use single speed hubs on our gearbox bikes, although they are increasingly hard to find in boost versions. And this means you would need to have your rear wheel custom build.

Pinion is offering the H2R or H3R hubs, single speed 148mm boost, that is what you need.

You could also try to get hold on the Industry Nine Hydra – MTN – 32 hole – Classic Rr Hub – ISO 6 Bolt – Black – 12×148 – SS or the Onyx MTB BOOST ISO HGSS-148/12mm Thru-bolt Rear Hub.

Alternatively you could use a standard wheelset with a Shimano HG body and align the rear sprocket with spacers in the right position.


We normally assemble a 2.4 inch tire on the rear. Though it is possible to mount larger tires up to 2.6 inch on the rear.

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