buying a new Instinctiv

Great you are considering an Instinctiv bike. Please ask any question you could have. We love personal contact and are happy to help you in the process.


1. order

Choose the bike or frameset that you would like on our website, configure the components and colours you want, add this to the cart and proceed with the order. We have several programs to get a discount on the bikes. If you believe you are eligible for a program, then create an account and contact us.


Please be aware that our webshop will try to establish automatically from which country you visit our website. This way you will see pricing with or without VAT, depending if you live inside or outside the European Union. To be absolutely sure you get the right pricing, you best create an account with us.

2. check

A couple of minutes after you placed your order, you will receive an email confirming your details. Please check if all is correct. If not, then send us an email, so that we can make changes in your order.

3. secure

In the order confirmation we will ask you to pay a EUR 1.000 deposit to secure your order. Till the moment we start building your bike or frame you can withdraw your order and your deposit will be refunded within 14 days.

4. payment

When we are ready to start building your bike or frame, we will send you an update. We will give you an indication of the estimated delivery date and include the invoice with the request to fulfill the remaining sum.

5. build

Once the payment has come in we will start building your bike. We will paint your bike in the requested color and carefully assemble and tune all components.

6. transport

We will contact you when your bike or frame is ready. It is carefully packed and shipped to the address you provide. We ship our bikes fully insured. In a separate email you will receive your tracking code to follow your bike.

7. ride

You receive your package and finally get to unbox your new bike or frame. Instructions about setup and mounting wheels and handlebar are included in the protective transport box.

time lines

We take pride in getting all the details right and providing you with a premium custom product.


As you probably know lead times for bike components are long, also we have to deal with that.


Our bikes are build to order, this means that the orders that came in first will be build and delivered first. The first orders are delivered around early March 2021.

pricing &

Please be aware that our webshop will try to establish automatically from which country you visit our website.


If you visit our website from the European Union, you will see pricing including 21% Dutch VAT and excluding shipping costs. If you visit us from countries outside the EU, you will see pricing without 21% VAT and excluding shipping costs. This also goes for the UK and Norway.


In Switzerland we work with a local partner, so you best contact them for local pricing in CHF.


To be sure about what price you will pay, you best create an account and enter your shipping and billing location. When you log in with your account, you will see pricing and taxes that are applicable for you.

If you are located outside the European Union and you ordered a bike that we are going to ship to you directly, then you will need to pay import duties, applicable VAT in your country and possibly other duties and taxes.

shipping &

We ship our bikes, frames and bike parts fully insured with express services like DHL, FedEx and UPS. Should there be any missing articles, then those will be delivered to you subsequently and free of charge.


If you buy a bike from outside the European Union, then you are responsible yourselves to take care of the import paperwork and pay the applicable taxes and duties. Mostly the express shipping services that we use will  help you with the import process and will ask you to pay the taxes and duties to them.


For shipping to a country outside the European Union we are not able to calculate the shipping costs automatically on our website, so shipping is not included. When we are ready to ship your bike, we will select the best shipping option for you and charge you for the shipping costs.


All our packages are insured during the transit period. When you receive your bike, frame or bike parts, please examine the package immediately for any damages.

If there should be damage then please notify us within 24 hours, so that we can inform the insurance company.

Please contact us before you send back any packages.