We breath innovation and riding. For many years our engineering team developed advanced sports products. Finally creating our own bikes was just a matter of time.


performance HQ


design HQ

our philosophy

We are driven by making great bikes that bring out the best in riders.


Therefore we go further than just developing a frame, but also designing and developing many shifting and drivetrain components. Until we have the experience that we think is great.


design hq

Our design HQ is located in Amsterdam, where we have a team of creative brains and highly skilled engineers. Our team developed over 120 advanced design projects in the last 14 years.


As Dutch we are kind of born on bikes. We are the country of worldchampion Mathieu van der Poel, Tom van Steenbergen, BMX world champion Niek Kimmann, double olympian Twan van Gendt, Anneke Beerten and Bart Brentjens, the first winner of a gold medal for mountain biking in the 1996 Summer Olympics.


love for

“Making money is not our main focus. We have no investors, no bank loans, no other stakeholders then ourselves.


This means that we can keep experimenting and take risk where needed to build bikes with a high level of detail.”

performance testing

For some quick tests we’d normally ride our bikes on local trails or in Germany.


But for extensive performance testing we use our location in Croatia. If frames and components survive there, they will pretty much survive anything.


From our performance HQ we ride our prototypes on Alpine trails in Jamnica (SI) and on the rockiest trails of UCI Premantura (HR), UCI Kamenjak (HR) and Rabac (HR).


Meet us at events, get to know fellow Instinctiv riders, hear inside stories from our development team.

Feel free to share your views and ideas for new developments we should explore.

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