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    M9 frame



    material: high mod carbon fiber

    coating: two-component, 3 layer system, by hand in Europe

    bearings: sealed double row, max and high-load needle bearings

    assembly: full quality control and frame assembly in house by Instinctiv

    rear travel: 140 mm

    rear brake: 180 mm post mount.

    Included in the frameset:

    – down tube and chainstay protectors
    – Acros Blocklock headset (ZS44, ZW56)
    – Instinctiv 30t narrow wide chainring
    – seatpost clamp (31.6 mm)

    – through axle DT Swiss RWS 148×12 with detachable lever

    Remark: shock is not included in the frameset.


    3.24 kg, including cable clamps, headset bearings, seat post clamp and protectors.


    Pinion C1.12 gearbox set
    12 gears, 600% range, 166 mm Q factor

    – including 170 mm cranks

    – including Pinion 26T rear sprocket

    – including Pinion universal spacer set

    – including Pinion DS2 grip shifter

    – optional chain tensioner

    – optional Instinctiv trigger shifter


    optional aluminum 29″ Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro alloy rims, Industry Nine 101 hub, 28 spokes. 110×15 BOOST, ISO 6 bolt, black


    optional carbon 29″ Industry Nine Hydra Enduro Carbon, 110×15 BOOST, ISO 6 bolt, black


    optional aluminum 29″ Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro Alloy rim, Industry Nine 1/1 hub, 32 spokes, 148×12 BOOST, ISO 6 bolt, black


    optional carbon 29″ Industry Nine Hydra Enduro Carbon, 148×12 BOOST, ISO 6 bolt, black


    through axle: DT Swiss RWS 148×12 (X12), with detachable lever, HWQASM00S2035S


    We recommend a maximum rider weight of 100 kg, including clothing, backpack, accessories.


    In some cases we might need to assemble another version of a component or a similar component, when the component in question is not available anymore in the foreseeable future.


    All sizes are given in millimeters, unless stated otherwise.

    * with a saddle stack of 40mm, a dropper post of 125 mm for size medium and a dropper post of 150 mm for sizes large and extra large.



    Unsere Fahrräder haben einen progressiven Federungscharakter. Auf diese Weise ist die Federung geschmeidig und sensibel im Bereich des Sag, aber dennoch für große Schläge geeignet. Sanft mit geringem Risiko, anzuschlagen. Wie progressiv ein Fahrrad ist, hängt vor allem von der Regression des Hebelverhältnisses ab.


    Alle unsere Räder haben einen Anti-Squat-Wert von ca. 115 % beim Sag über alle Gänge, da die Kettenlinie nicht von Gangwechseln beeinflusst wird.


    Anti-squat values come down throughout the bikes’ travel: from more than 120% down to less than 90%. This way our team crafted a very efficient yet lively suspension platform.

    voll aktiv

    Unsere Getriebefahrräder profitieren von einem sehr geringen Pedalrückschlag. Vor allem bei hohen Geschwindigkeiten ist der Rückschlag in schwereren Gängen vernachlässigbar.


    Das ist ein großer Vorteil, denn es bedeutet, dass die Federung bei schnellen Abfahrten voll aktiv und sensibel bleibt, auch wenn du in die Pedale trittst.


    Anti-rise levels are optimal at 90 to 100% throughout the bikes’ suspension travel.


    This means that brake forces accurately compensate for any mass transfer during deceleration. Not only at sag-point but at any point throughout the bikes’ travel.

    extrem sanft

    Our suspension platform is designed to offer a near vertical initial axle-path. A vertical or rearward axle path improves the suspension’s smoothness.


    When the vectors from trail obstacles and the wheel path are more in line this results in the suspension being compressed rather than the bike being ‘held back’.

    leverage ratio



    pedal kickback

    axle path

    deine größe


    Stell dich gerade mit dem Rücken an eine Wand und lege ein Buch auf deinen Kopf. Achte darauf, dass das Buch parallel zum Boden und im rechten Winkel zur Wand steht und die Wand berührt. Markiere mit Klebeband eine Stelle an der Wand und messe den Abstand zwischen dem Boden des Buches und dem Boden.


    Stell dich gerade hin und lehne dich mit dem Rücken an eine Wand. Nimm ein Buch und klemme es zwischen deine Beine. Ziehe das Buch hoch und simuliere so den Druck, der beim Sitzen auf einem Fahrradsattel entsteht. Markiere die Stelle an der Wand mit Klebeband und miss den Abstand zwischen der Oberseite des Buches und dem Boden.


    compatible shocks

    Various shocks can be used in combination with the M platform. Shock specifications and stroke are similar for all M7, M9 and M97 models.


    The following combinations have been validated:


    Float X 185 x 55 mm Trunnion

    Float DPX2 185 x 55 mm Trunnion

    Float DPS 185 x 55 mm Trunnion


    Super Deluxe 185 x 55 mm Trunnion

    dt swiss

    R535 ONE 185 x 55 Trunnion


    Topaz T3 Air 185 x 55 Trunnion

    non-compatible shocks


    Float X2 185 x 55 mm Trunnion,
    Remote versions of the Float DPX2 and Float X


    Deluxe 185 x 55 mm Trunnion
    Remote versions of the Deluxe and Super Deluxe


    TTX1Air or TTX2Air, 185 x 55 mm Trunnion

    Pinion grip shifter

    Light, efficient and ergonomically very good. Developed with Ergon. Great for shifting up and down multiple gears at once.

    instinctiv trigger shifter

    Fast, precise and very close to what you are used to. Allows intuitive single upshift and double downshifts.

    Crankbrothers Synthesis enduro Alloy

    Tuned front and rear alloy wheel system for enduro riding and racing, with Industry Nine 101 front and rear hub.

    industry nine enduro s carbon

    The Hydra S Carbon series pairs the legendary performance of the flagship Hydra hub with the S Series chassis and modern carbon technology.


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    Share your experience with our bikes with new potential riders. ***


    Lassen Sie uns wissen, wenn Sie einen speziellen Wunsch für Ihr Fahrrad haben.

    ready for shipping around 19 März 2023*


    Die Farben können auf deinem Bildschirm anders aussehen. Nicht alle Auswahlmöglichkeiten werden in dem Bild, das das Fahrrad darstellt, wiedergegeben und aktualisiert.

    * delivery times

    The mentioned delivery times are estimated to the best of our knowledge, based on the lead times that are communicated to us by our suppliers. The expected shipping date might change if parts are delivered to us later than expected. Depending on the chosen options, the lead time can become longer.

    ** weight

    Approx weight based on the lightest configuration in size L, with a Pinion C1.12 drive train, carbon wheelset, without pedals.

    *** community

    Many Instinctiv riders are part of our growing community. They are happy to share real stories about their bikes to potential new Instinctiv riders without any commercial pressure. We hope you want to be part of our community as well. So we can add your phone and email on our website or send your contact details to potential new Instinctiv riders in your area when they ask to see a bike in real.

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    bike testen

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