Bearing kit

Bearing replacement set for the Instinctiv M, R and X series.

pivot A –  6902 MAX bearing – 15x28x7mm – 2pcs
pivot B&C – 7900 Enduro MAX bearing – 10x22x6mm – 8pcs
pivot D – 6001 MAX bearing – 12x28x8mm – 4pcs
pivot E – HK1210 SKF needle bearing – 16x12x10mm – 2pcs
pivot F&G – HK1216 SKF needle bearing – 18x12x16mm – 2pcs
pivot H –  BK-5854 Enduro shock needle bearing set – 8x19mm – 1pcs
pivot I – 6800 Enduro MAX BO bearing – 10x19x5mm – 2pcs
pivot E&G – X-ring NBR – 10.82×1.78 – 5pcs
pivot F – IGUS thrust washer 12x20x1.0mm – GTM-1220-010 – 3pcs
pivot F – IGUS thrust washer 12x20x0,5mm – GTM-1220-005 – 3pcs


 * We estimate the expected shipping date to the best of our knowledge, based on the lead times that are communicated to us by our suppliers. The expected shipping date might change if parts are delivered to us later than expected.

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