We love great design and innovation. Therefore we develop and build our bikes in-house, with a team of highly skilled designers and engineers.


Our bikes are all about control and outstanding design.


We use powerful design and psychology tools to build a strategy that helps us to keep focus when we develop at new concept.


Through rapid cycles of sketching our designers investigate many possible idea’s and solutions for the new bike, some totally crazy, some might be feasible.

During design sessions we choose direction, based on sketches, mockup bikes and prototype components.


We use simulation techniques to arrive at the best solutions for suspension, the best kinematics and state of the art geometry.


Using mockups and rapid prototyping technology, we can validate and experience the geometry and kinematic idea’s.


High end 3D CAD programs help us to build the complex surface models of our carbon frames and drive train components.


We continuously test new parts by 3D printing and CNC aluminium milling techniques.

"Innovation is an expedition, with adventure, uncertainty and draw backs. All with the goal to build bikes with outstanding design and maximum control."


For performance testing we use our location in Croatia. If frames and components survive there, they will pretty much survive anything.


From our Croatian performance HQ we ride our prototypes on Alpine trails in Jamnica (SI) and on the rockiest trails of UCI Premantura (HR), UCI Kamenjak (HR) and Rabac (HR).


Also our test riders in Switzerland and Germany check new bike developments and help us create the ultimate riding experience.


Our raw frame parts are manufactured in a carbon factory in Taiwan, where also some well known premium mountain bike brands are manufactured.


The frame parts are tested against the ISO4210 standard and the much stricter internal factory testing program according to German Zedler standards and equipment.


Coating is done in The Netherlands at a highly specialized company, experienced in raw carbon frames.


The frames are carefully sanded, after which the primer is applied. When the surface is extremely smooth the two-component multi-layer coating system is applied to the frame.


Quality control, assembly of the frames and final bike assembly is all done in-house at Instinctiv.


In critical pivots and rockers we use top quality Enduro bearings, mostly in max or double row variations.


Our wheelsets are custom built with carefully selected components of the highest quality. Handbuilt wheelsets result in more stable wheels than standard factory wheels, giving you more confidence and acceleration speed.

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Like to hear from us when we launch a new product, go to an event or have other updates?

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stay up
to date

Like to hear from us when we launch a new product, go to an event or have other updates?

Like to hear from us when we launch a new product, go to an event or have other updates?