We build high-end durable bikes, use clean coating processes and recycle your bike if needed. You can ride it for a long time and hopefully even pass it on to new riders.

no model

It is quite normal in the bike industry to come up with new bike models every year. We do not do that. That does not mean that we do not innovate or improve, we just continuously work on small improvements under the hood and do not communicate those as a new model year.


If you would buy for instance the M, you do not need to worry that it will be outdated next year. It will not.


Our bikes are expensive, we know that. But we want to use high-end components as much as we can. Components that are very durable, like the Pinion gearboxes. They will last a lifetime, as goes for our frames as well.


Pinion gearboxes are used all over the world, in all conditions no matter how challenging. They have proven their robustness in numerous round-the-world rides. Ice cold temperatures at the Arctic Circle or sweltering desert heat do not present a problem for these transmissions.


High altitudes, humid conditions or even the occasional transfer through a river is not a problem either if you occasionally check and make sure the inside of the gear shift box remains well greased.


Most of our production steps are done in the EU, we actually add about 55 up to 65 percent of the production value in the European Union.


Many high-end components we use are made in the EU as well.


We hope to soon move our carbon production to Europe as well. That would also be the moment to re-start using partly recycled carbon prepreg.

end of life

“Your bike will most likely last a very long time. You might pass it on to the next generation. But even then there will be an end-of-life moment eventually.

Or your frame might get damaged in a big crash. That just happens. In both cases we like to help to recycle your frame properly.”

buy back

If your bike is younger than two years old, in good condition and for some reason you are not able to ride it anymore, we are happy to buy back from you.


Send an email to nature@instinctive.bike

to get instructions how we can make you a price.


If your frame has been damaged beyond repair, we can help you with a crash replacement and recycle your frame in a proper way, so that the carbon from the frame can be re-used in other products, like high quality public transport seats or even bike frames.


Write an email to nature@instinctiv.bike so we can help you.

why not aluminium?

We understand that question and it is a hard one. Some bike manufacturers like Pole are doing really interesting things with aluminum frame building.


After a lot of research we decided that for us potential counts most. Although carbon fiber is a composite material, which means that inherently it is hard to recycle, we believe the largest opportunities are for carbon.


Aluminum has evolved to its pinnacle and offers little room for improvement. New technologies like high quality additive manufacturing in titanium or aluminum could offer new opportunities, but are still extremely expensive to use for bike frame building.


Carbon becomes more and more recyclable, and our well-made carbon frames have the potential to maintain their performance and appearance for many years.


And they can be repaired and finally recycled into new carbon parts, although until now from a lesser quality.




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