M7 frame

rear travel

150 mm




full carbon


EUR 3.999,00



EUR 3.999,00



rear travel

150 mm


full carbon

shock * 

drivetrain * 

trigger shifter * 

wheelset * 

dropper * 

Fox dropper post, including remote.

transport box * 



Our raw frame parts are manufactured in a carbon factory in Taiwan, where also some well known premium mountain bike brands are manufactured. The frame parts are tested against the ISO4210 standard and the much stricter internal factory testing program according to German Zedler standards and equipment.


Coating is done in The Netherlands at a highly specialized company, experienced in raw carbon frames. The frames are carefully sanded, after which the primer is applied. When the surface is extremely smooth the two-component multi-layer coating system is applied to the frame.


In critical pivots and rockers we use top quality Enduro bearings, mostly in max or double row variations.


Quality control, assembly of the frames and final bike assembly is all done in-house at Instinctiv.


Our wheelsets are custom built with carefully selected components of the highest quality. Handbuilt wheelsets result in more stable wheels than standard factory wheels, giving you more confidence and acceleration speed.



patented suspension platform


high-tech drivetrain


like you are used to


designed for maximum confidence


internal cable routing


efficient chain tensioner


high quality moulded protection



material: high mod carbon fibre

rear travel: 150 mm

rear brake: 180 mm post mount


– bottom tube and chainstay protectors
– Acros Blocklock headset (ZS44, ZW56)
– Instinctiv 30t narrow wide chainring
– Instinctiv chain tensioner
– seatpost clamp (31.6 mm)


3.17 kg, including cable clamps, headset bearings, seat post clamp and protectors.


optional Pinion C1.9XR or C1.12 gearbox with DS2 grip shifter

optional Instinctiv trigger shifter


optional Fox Float DPX2 EVOL 185×55 trunnion
3 position lever adjustment, 10-clicks tuning range

front wheel

optional aluminum 27.5″ Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro Alloy rims, Industry Nine 101 hub, 28 spokes. 110×15 BOOST, ISO 6 bolt, black


optional carbon 27.5″ Crankbrothers Synthesis E Carbon rims, Industry Nine 101 hub, 28 spokes, 110×15 BOOST, ISO 6 bolt, black

rear wheel

optional aluminum 27.5″ Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro Alloy rim, Pinion H2R boost hub with 120 points of engagement, 32 spokes, 148×12 BOOST, ISO 6 bolt, black


optional carbon 27.5″ Crankbrothers Synthesis E Carbon, Pinion H2R hub with 120 points of engagement, 32 spokes, 148×12 BOOST, ISO 6 bolt, black


including through axle DT Swiss RWS 148×12 (X12), with detachable lever, HWQASM00S2035S

rider weight

We recommend a maximum rider weight of 110 kg, including clothing, backpack, accessories, etc. to take full advantage of the potential and adjustability of the suspension. Heavier riders may experience an increased sag percentage.

M7 geometry

All sizes are given in millimeters, unless stated otherwise.

M drivetrain

The M’s integrated gearbox gives you next generation technology and a worry-free drivetrain.


Thanks to the absence of derailleur and cassette your rear wheel is lighter, you have more traction and better control. Both with the DS2 grip shifter and with the optional trigger shifter; shifting is fast, instant and precise.

The DS2 shifter is great for shifting a number of gears up or down with a single action.

Instinctiv’s trigger shifter combines the best of two worlds; it offers an interaction that is resembling a derailleur shifter with the speed of a gearbox.


developed by automotive engineers

M platform

The Puma suspension platform of the M is all about breeding confidence. Downhill, gaining speed, the M sticks to the trail like you never felt before.

Climbing is equally important and efficient with a steep seat tube angle, a low center of gravity and a high 115% anti-squat ratio around sag.

Puma platform

sticks to the trail


Small lightweight rockers and upside-down-shock-mount reduce inertia of moving parts to an absolute minimum, on top of the derailleur and cassette being obsolete.


A large shock stroke and high quality Enduro bearings further guarantee a rear suspension that is highly responsive.


The M platform has a progressive leverage ratio which ramps up around sag point.

Out on the trails this means the suspension is sensitive yet big hit capable; providing a combination of mid range support and a nearly bottomless feel over jumps.


The M series have approximate 115% anti squat around sag point. This means the rear suspension does not compress undesirably as a result of your acceleration.


We rather see the watts you put out being put into speed on the trails, rather then mm of shock travel.


Anti-rise levels are optimal at 90 to 100% throughout the bikes’ suspension travel. This means the brake forces accurately compensate for any mass transfer; preventing the bike and rider from dangerously tilting forward under hard braking.

At the same time our levels below 100% ensure the suspension remains active and sensitive throughout your braking zone.


The gearbox’ weight is positioned low in the middle of the suspended frame right below the rider; this results in a playful bike that is easily maneuverable.


Combined with a steep 76° seat tube angle, this makes for an excellent climbing bike.

less friction

The shock is not linked to the primary rocker, which greatly reduces torsional forces and thus friction being transferred to the shock.


Together with limited rotation of the shock throughout its travel this makes for both a very durable and highly sensitive layout.

M frame configuration


Various shocks can be used in combination with the M platform. Shock specifications and stroke are similar for all M7, M9 and M97 models.

The following combinations have been validated:

– Float X 185 x 55 mm Trunnion
– Float DPX2 185 x 55 mm Trunnion, MY2020 / MY2021
– Float DPS 185 x 55 mm Trunnion


– Super Deluxe 185 x 55 mm Trunnion*

DT Swiss

– R535 ONE 185 x 55 Trunnion

*limited compatibility; please contact us to check which shock models will fit.


– Float X2 185 x 55 mm Trunnion, MY2020 / MY2021
– Remote versions of the Float DPX2, Float DPS and Float X

– Deluxe 185 x 55 mm Trunnion
– Remote versions of the Deluxe and Super Deluxe

– TTX1Air or TTX2Air, 185 x 55 mm Trunnion

Pinion DS2

grip shifter​​

Light, efficient and ergonomically very good. Developed with Ergon. Great for shifting up and down multiple gears at once.


trigger shifter​

Fast, precise and very close to what you are used to. Allows intuitive single upshift and double downshifts.

Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro


Tuned front and rear alloy wheel system for enduro riding and racing, with Industry Nine 101 front hub and Pinion H2R boost rear hub.

Crankbrothers Synthesis E


Tuned front and rear carbon wheel system for enduro riding and racing, with Industry Nine 101 front hub and Pinion H2R boost rear hub.

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