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material: high mod carbon fiber

coating: two-component, 3 layer system, by hand in Europe

bearings: sealed double row, max and high-load needle bearings

assembly: full quality control and frame assembly in house by Instinctiv

rear travel: 150 mm

rear brake: 180 mm post mount.

Included in the frameset:

– down tube and chainstay protectors
– Acros Blocklock headset (ZS44, ZW56)
– Instinctiv 30t narrow wide chainring
– seatpost clamp (31.6 mm)

– through axle DT Swiss RWS 148×12 with detachable lever

Remark: shock is not included in the frameset.


3.17 kg, including cable clamps, headset bearings, seat post clamp and protectors.


Pinion C1.12 gearbox set
12 gears, 600% range, 166 mm Q factor

– including 170 mm cranks

– including Pinion 26T rear sprocket

– including Pinion universal spacer set

– including Pinion DS2 grip shifter

– optional chain tensioner

– optional Instinctiv trigger shifter

front wheel

optional aluminum 27.5″ Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro alloy rims, Industry Nine 101 hub, 28 spokes. 110×15 BOOST, ISO 6 bolt, black


optional carbon 27.5″ Industry Nine Hydra Enduro Carbon, 110×15 BOOST, ISO 6 bolt, black

rear wheel

optional aluminum 27.5″ Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro Alloy rim, Industry Nine 1/1 hub, 32 spokes, 148×12 BOOST, ISO 6 bolt, black

optional carbon 27.5″ Industry Nine Hydra Enduro Carbon, 148×12 BOOST, ISO 6 bolt, black

through axle: DT Swiss RWS 148×12 (X12), with detachable lever, HWQASM00S2035S

rider weight

130kg / 286lb
This maximum weight limits include the rider weight plus gear and luggage (helmet, clothing, backpack, luggage carrier, etc.). Make sure to adhere to your suspension manufacturer’s recommended weight limits, as they may have lower weight limits.


All sizes are given in millimeters, unless stated otherwise.

* with a saddle stack of 40mm, a dropper post of 125 mm for size medium and a dropper post of 150 mm for sizes large and extra large.

find your size

body height

Stand straight with your back against a wall and place a book on your head. Make sure the book is parallel with the floor and at right angles to the wall, touching the wall. Make a mark on the wall with tape and measure the distance between the bottom of the book and the floor.

leg length

Stand straight up with your back against a wall. Take a book and tuck it between your legs. Pull up the book, simulating the pressure of sitting on a bike saddle. Make a mark on the wall with tape and measure the distance between the top of the book and the ground.


The patented puma suspension platform is the core of the Jackal M. It makes the bike super smooth, fast and gives you more control than ever.


Small lightweight rockers and upside-down-shock-mount reduce inertia of moving parts to an absolute minimum, on top of the derailleur and cassette being obsolete.

The shock is not linked to the primary rocker, which greatly reduces torsional forces and thus friction being transferred to the shock.


The Jackal M gearbox drivetrain offers automotive quality, worry free durability and a super silent ride. Choose for a chain or belt drive, grip or trigger shifting.


The gearbox mountain bike drivetrain gives you more control as your rear wheel is lighter. That means more grip, more confidence.

The magnesium Pinion gearbox is almost maintenance free and eliminates the risk of bending or breaking your derailleur.


Shifting a Pinion mountain bike is up to five times quicker then shifting a derailleur bike. And you can even shift when coasting or standing still. It takes a few hours to get used to, but gearbox shifting is surely a big step forward.



The Jackal M has a progressive suspension character. This way the suspension is supple and sensitive around sag, yet big hit capable. Plush with little risk of bottoming out. How progressive a bike is depends primarily on the regression of the leverage ratio.


The Jackal M has an anti-squat value of around 115% at sag across all gears thanks to our chainline not being affected by gear shifts.


Anti-squat values come down throughout the bikes’ travel: from more than 120% down to less than 90%. This way our team crafted a very efficient yet lively suspension platform.

fully active

The Jackal M benefits from very little pedal kickback. Especially at high speed, in heavier gears kickback is negligible.


This is a major benefit because it means the suspension remains fully active and sensitive during quick descends, even when pedaling.


Anti-rise levels are optimal at 90 to 100% throughout the bikes’ suspension travel.


This means that brake forces accurately compensate for any mass transfer during deceleration. Not only at sag-point but at any point throughout the bikes’ travel.


The Jackal M platform is designed to offer a near vertical initial axle-path. A vertical or rearward axle path improves the suspension’s smoothness.


When the vectors from trail obstacles and the wheel path are more in line this results in the suspension being compressed rather than the bike being ‘held back’.

leverage ratio



pedal kickback

axle path


compatible shocks

Various shocks can be used in combination with the M platform. Shock specifications and stroke are similar for the Ocelot M, Coyote M and Jackal M. The following combinations have been validated:


Float X 185 x 55 mm Trunnion

Float DPX2 185 x 55 mm Trunnion

Float DPS 185 x 55 mm Trunnion


Super Deluxe 185 x 55 mm Trunnion

dt swiss

R535 ONE 185 x 55 Trunnion


Topaz T3 Air 185 x 55 Trunnion

non-compatible shocks


Float X2 185 x 55 mm Trunnion,
Remote versions of the Float DPX2 and Float X


Deluxe 185 x 55 mm Trunnion
Remote versions of the Deluxe and Super Deluxe


TTX1Air or TTX2Air, 185 x 55 mm Trunnion

Pinion grip shifter

Light, efficient and ergonomically very good. Developed with Ergon. Great for shifting up and down multiple gears at once.

instinctiv trigger shifter

Fast, precise and very close to what you are used to. Allows intuitive single upshift and double downshifts.

Crankbrothers Synthesis enduro Alloy

Tuned front and rear alloy wheel system for enduro riding and racing, with Industry Nine 101 front and rear hub.

industry nine enduro s carbon

The Hydra S Carbon series pairs the legendary performance of the flagship Hydra hub with the S Series chassis and modern carbon technology.



Colors may appear different on your screen. Not all selection options are reflected and updated in the image representing the bike.

* delivery times

The mentioned delivery times are estimated to the best of our knowledge, based on the lead times that are communicated to us by our suppliers. The expected shipping date might change if parts are delivered to us later than expected. Depending on the chosen options, the lead time can become longer.

** weight

Approx weight based on the lightest configuration in size L, with a Pinion C1.12 drive train, carbon wheelset, without pedals.

*** community

Many Instinctiv riders are part of our growing community. They are happy to share real stories about their bikes to potential new Instinctiv riders without any commercial pressure. We hope you want to be part of our community as well. So we can add your phone and email on our website or send your contact details to potential new Instinctiv riders in your area when they ask to see a bike in real.

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test a bike

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