Kodiak pivot E hardware set


Set of hardware parts of pivot point E for our gearbox bikes, consisting of:

M8x25 cylinder screw
Washer 10x16x1
Pivot E axle
10x16x1 shim support ring
M8x25 cylinder screw





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* delivery times

The mentioned delivery times are based on the idea that your order now, pay within 2 - 3 days and that shipping will take about a week. The estimated delivery times are calculated to the best of our knowledge, based on the lead times that are communicated to us by our suppliers. The expected shipping date might change if parts are delivered to us later than expected. Depending on the chosen options, the lead time can become longer.

** weight

Approx weight based on the lightest configuration in size L, with a Pinion C1.12 drive train, carbon wheelset, without pedals.