• Instinctiv R9

    The high-end gearbox mountain bike Instinctiv R9 has been renamed into Kodiak 150, our machine for enduro races.

    The Instinctiv R9 is now Kodiak 150

    new names

    When we developed our first line of bikes, we gave them a letter-number combination, based on the letter M. Therefore we called this first model the M-series. Later we added the R9 with coil and X9 as a lighter 130mm travel bike.

    In 2022 we switched to giving the bikes animal names. And a bit later we added the rear travel as a number to the bike names.

    Today we use the name Kodiak for our line of gearbox bikes and reserved the name Ocelot for our line of light e-mountain bikes that is coming in 2025.

    Instinctiv R9 is now Kodiak 150

    The Instinctiv R9 or Kodiak 150 is a high-end carbon gearbox mountain bike with 150mm rear travel and 29″ wheels. This bike can be fitted with a coil spring. Today we call this bike the Kodiak 150.

    high-end mountain bikes, Instinctiv R9, Kodiak 150

    Kodiak 150

    • gearbox
    • 29″
    • 160 / 150 mm

    The Kodiak 150 is your machine if you love very technical alpine trails or compete enduro races, like the EWS.

    what the pro’s say

    “The Kodiak 140 scores points with its plush suspension and central riding position. The Pinion gearbox ensures a low centre of gravity and is beautifully integrated into the frame.”

    read on Enduro MTB

    “Downhill the Kodiak MX turns on and purrs smoothly through the terrain. The rear end works first class, responds well and reliably levels even rough passages. There is enough pop available for jumps and sufficient progression for hard landings. As a result, the potent rear end feels like more than 150 mm of travel.”

    read on BIKE magazine

    “This bike is surely the most successful machine that we have been able to test with this type of transmission. It is totally consistent with its program, whether in terms of the suspension quality, the geometry, mass distribution or the finish.”

    read on Magazine VTT

    “Although the Kodiak 140 only has 140 millimeters of rear travel, it rides extremely smooth and feels like a downhill bike on the trail. Thanks to the Pinion gearbox and a good chain guide, it doesn’t make any noise and is unusually quiet on the descent.”

    read on ride.ch

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