We have a small number of highly specialized dealers and some other demo locations where you can see a bike. Visit them for a good coffee and a test ride.


Meet Sebastian Malambré from Sattelfest Bikes, who is a real specialist in high-end mountain bikes. Get a good coffee and ask him all about the bikes. He has a couple of demo bikes for you to try.

You can also arrange a bike leasing agreement with Jobrad, Eurorad, Businessbike, Bikeleasing through him.

Sattelfest Bikes

Auf Zweikreuz 4a
54666 Irrel

+49 6525 933 6499
[email protected]


Visit the HQ of Pinion. They have an Instinctiv demo bike for you available to see and to try. They are happy to tell you all about the bikes and of course about the gearbox drive. Get in touch with Sabrina Weiss to make an appointment.

Pinion GmbH

Heerweg 19
73770 Denkendorf

+49(0)711 217491 550
[email protected]


Meet up with Xabi from BikeZenter, he knows all about high-end mountain bikes and Pinion gearbox drives. He has a couple of great demo bikes for you to try.

Bike Zenter

20180 San Sebastian

+34 644 315 266
[email protected]


Visit the shop of Nicola, a real bike lover. He has a couple of demo bikes for you to try. Get a good coffee and ask him all about the bikes.

The Cycle Job

Via Grasceta, 78/C
66050 San Salvo (CH)

+39 328 626 7777
[email protected]

United States

You can demo an Instinctiv bike with belt drive during one of the demo events from Gates Carbon Drive. They will be present with their demo fleet during multiple events during the year.

Get in touch with Gates to know where they will be demoing next to see if that might work for you.

Gates Carbon Drive

Multiple events and locations across the US

+1 303-744-4755
[email protected]


Come and meet us at our HQ in Amsterdam. You can talk to our bike designers and see the workshop where we build the bikes. We always have a range of bikes for demo and display.

We offer you a good coffee and are happy to answer any technical or non-technical questions about the bikes. Call or write us to make an appointment.

Instinctiv Bicycles BV

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 253
1021 KP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 20 820 2212
Monday – Friday 9.00 – 18.00h (CET)
[email protected]