M kinematics

The new and compact M platform features equal anti-squat levels across all gears, little pedal kickback, progressive anti rise and an independent leverage ratio. 


puma platform

For the M models we developed an innovative, patented suspension platform.


We call it Puma. Because it’s agility and character remind us of the athletic performance of big cats.

The confidence inspiring platform is sensitive, provides plenty of mid-stroke support and is big-hit capable.

leverage ratio

M7 / M97


All M bikes have a progressive suspension character. This way the suspension is supple and sensitive around sag, yet big hit capable. Plush with little risk of bottoming out. How progressive a bike is depends primarily on the regression of the leverage ratio.


Thanks to the patented Puma platform our team can tweak this independent of other kinematic factors. Something brands with a conventional single pivot or horst suspension can only dream of.

We tested prototypes with various leverage curves and found the sweet spot: a leverage ratio that decreases by 15% throughout the bikes’ travel.


If you want the suspension to be even more progressive there is the option of adding extra volume spacers in the shock. This is something we tweak when we set up the bike for you, based on your weight and where you plan to ride.

anti squat

M7 / M97​


Mountain bikes from major brands tend to be advertised with a single anti-squat percentage. What they don’t tell you is they can suffer from vastly different anti-squat values when shifting down the cassette. We have measured deviations up to 75%.


All our M models have a single 115% anti-squat value across all gears thanks to our chainline not being affected by gear shifts.

So, why 115% anti-squat? In short this compensates for 100% of pedal bob induced by the pedal torque and another 15% to account for your body movement on the bike.


Anti-squat values come down throughout the bikes’ travel: from more than 120% down to less than 90%. This way our team crafted a very efficient yet lively suspension platform.

pedal kickback

M7 / M97​


The M benefits from very little pedal kickback. Especially at high speed, in heavier gears kickback is negligible.


This is a major benefit because it means the suspension remains fully active and sensitive during quick descends, even when pedaling.


The M9 for instance features only 4.3° of pedal kickback in the toughest gear; comparing very favourable to most enduro bikes with pedal kickback of over 8° in similar gear ratios.

We achieved this thanks to a combination of our integrated gearbox and compact kinematics with limited chain growth.

anti rise

M7 / M97​


Anti-rise levels are optimal at 90 to 100% throughout the bikes’ suspension travel.

This means that brake forces accurately compensate for any mass transfer during deceleration. Not only at sag-point but at any point throughout the bikes’ travel.

In effect this stops you and the bike from tilting excessively forward under hard braking.
At the same time levels around 100% still allow the suspension to remain active and sensitive throughout your braking zone.


This way you won’t feel like you’re on a hardtail once you approach some brake bumps.

axle path

M7 / M97​


The M is designed to offer a near vertical initial axle-path. A vertical or rearward axle path improves the suspension’s smoothness.


When the vectors from trail obstacles and the wheel path are more in line this results in the suspension being compressed rather than the bike being ‘held back’.

The favourable axle path is a result of the patented Puma kinematic platform and its very compact rocker layout.