order process

Great you are considering an Instinctiv bike. In the EU we send our bikes directly to you from our factory. See here what to expect throughout the order process.


1. order details

A couple of minutes after you placed your pre-order, you should receive an email confirming your pre-order details.

2. secure your pre-order

Once you have checked your order we ask you to make a EUR 1.000 down payment to secure your pre-order. If later you want to make changes to your configuration, you can always email us. During the pre-order phase you can withdraw your order and your pre-payment will be refunded within 14 days.

3. payment

When we are ready to start manufacturing, we will send you an update. We will give you an indication of the estimated delivery date and include the invoice with the request to fulfill the remaining sum.

4. build to order

Once the payment has come in we will start manufacturing your bike. Turnaround time is expected to be 2-4 months because of component lead times. We will paint your bike in the requested colour and carefully assemble and tune all components.

5. on its way

We will contact you when your M is ready. It is carefully packed and shipped to the address you provide. We ship our bikes fully insured with UPS. In a separate email you will receive your tracking code to follow your bike.

6. unbox and ride

You receive your package and finally get to unbox your new M. Instructions how to mount the handlebar and wheels are included in the protective transport box. Check the brakes, run them in and off you go!

time lines

We take pride in getting all the details right and providing you with a premium product. The first test series of the M have withstood harsh and endless testing to validate their quality.


Yet our engineering team knows that moving to series production, there are always few challenges.


Therefore we do not want to promise you a fixed delivery date yet. However our team and partners are eager to deliver them to you sooner rather than later. We hope to deliver the first batches by spring 2021.

pricing &

within the EU

The prices in the webshop include statutory Dutch VAT, but do not include shipping costs.


We ship our bikes, frames and bike parts with UPS. Should there be any missing articles, then those will be delivered to you subsequently and free of charge.

outside the EU, including great britain

When you visit our webshop from a country outside the EU, or if you fill out a billing address outside the EU, then you will see pricing in the webshop that do not include Dutch VAT and do not include shipping costs.


Orders outside the EU will be shipped on the basis of DAP (delivered at place) Incoterms 2020. This means we take care of the export documents, insurance and transport costs.


You will need to pay and take care of import duties, VAT and other local taxes that might apply. Instinctiv Bicycles have no influence on these charges. Any VAT reimbursement must be handled by the customer directly.


All our packages are insured during the transit period. When you receive your bike, frame or bike parts, please examine the package immediately for any damages.

If there should be damage then please notify us within 24 hours, so that we can inform the insurance company.

Please contact us before you send back any packages.