Want to ride an Instinctiv next week? We always have a couple of demo bikes in stock with a friendly price. Pick the one that fits you best and start riding in a couple of days.

Kodiak 150 / Smart Shift


size large

The Kodiak 150 is your machine if you love very technical alpine trails or compete enduro races, like the EWS.

SKU: E9000157

Kodiak MX 150


size medium

If you want both speed and agility, ride in a bikepark and fast technical trails, then the Kodiak MX is worth looking at.

SKU: E9000185

Kodiak 130


size medium

The Kodiak 130 is full of enduro genes, but in a light trim, perfect for fast natural trails.

SKU: E9000139

Kodiak 140


size large

If you love to reach high speeds on challenging technical trails, then the Kodiak 140 is your best friend.

SKU: E9000158

new condition

The bikes we have in stock are the newest models, in new condition and only used to show to potential customers that visit our HQ.

Sometimes they are used for a small lap on the parking lot and have only a couple of kilometers on the clock. Obviously these bikes come with full warranty.