Mountain bikes bring together three elements that we love: nature, freedom and cool design. So it was only a matter of time that we would build our own bikes.


Our design and engineering company Alskar Design has over fifteen years of experience in design and development of highly complex products. Both mobility products like scooters, wheelchairs and bikes, as well as medical devices and professional tools.


As most of us are passionate riders, we started making plans back in 2017 to develop our own line of super cool mountain bikes. It started out as a project but soon a separate company with the name Instinctiv Bicycles was born.


We started with the M and more bikes are in development and will come.


more control

We want to build seriously good bikes that support the feeling of freedom that we experience while riding in the most beautiful places in nature.


Bikes that help you ride smoother, faster and with more control, no matter if you are a pro rider or a starter.

born on bikes

Our design HQ is located in Amsterdam, where we have our team of bike designers, highly skilled engineers and production leaders. This is the place where we assemble each and every frame and bike in-house, by hand.


Of course we do not have mountains in the Netherlands. But as Dutch we are kind of born on bikes. We are the country of worldchampion Mathieu van der Poel, Tom van Steenbergen, BMX world champion Niek Kimmann, double olympian Twan van Gendt, Anneke Beerten and Bart Brentjens, the first winner of a gold medal for mountain biking in the 1996 Summer Olympics.

love for

“We have no investors, no bank loans, no other stakeholders then ourselves.


This means that we can keep experimenting and take risk where needed to build bikes with a high level of detail.”


For extensive performance testing we use our location in Croatia. If frames and components survive there, they will pretty much survive anything.


From our testing HQ we ride our prototypes on Alpine trails in Jamnica (SI) and on the rockiest trails of UCI Premantura (HR), UCI Kamenjak (HR) and Rabac (HR).

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Like to hear from us when we launch a new product?