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Before buying a new bike you would like to ride it. Preferably on your home trials. We understand that and make that possible with our ‘try at home’ package.

home trails

You can now order a full weekend or mid-week of riding one of our demo bikes as a premium ‘try at home’ package.


Together we pick a date and we will send the bike to your home. You ride it and when you are ready you put is back in the box and we make sure it is collected and send back to us.


We are all riders and we treat our bikes well. We trust that when you order the ‘try at home’ package, you will treat our bike as if it was your own.


Apart from that principle we have no rules.


To make it even better, we reimburse you EUR 400 on the purchase of your new bike or frame, if you ordered a ‘try at home’ package before.

your country
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Is the ‘try at home’ package not available in your country and you really would like to ride a bike on your home trails? Let us know and if your country is in the European Union, we will create a package for you.

Call us at: +31 20 820 2212

Monday – Friday 9.00 – 18.00h (CET)

We have limited demo bikes, so we will send you a M97 or M9 in size L, depending on which is available.

After you placed the order, we will contact you to discuss a delivery date.

You do not need to pay a deposit when ordering the ‘try at home’ package, but we will ask you for a copy of your ID and a pre-payment.

We’d like to see the bike back in good condition, clean and with all parts and components included in the box.

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