who we are

We love developing and building high-end bikes for our riders. All other things are distracting. We have no investors, no loans and very little marketing.

since 2009

We are not only riders. Since 2009 we are also a team of designers and engineers with a lot of experience about how to build good mountain bikes. So it was only a matter of time before we would start building our own mountain bikes.

Back in 2017 we started to develop the first concepts for our own line of high performance mountain bikes.

After successfully testing the first carbon prototypes of the new M in June 2020 in Croatia, we started small scale production.


Our head quarter is located in Amsterdam, where we have our team of bike designers, highly skilled engineers and production mechanics.


We have over fifteen years of experience in development of highly complex products, many of them bikes and ebikes. We develop concepts, design kinematics, run simulations, use advanced 3D CAD programs to develop our frames and build prototypes.












For extensive performance testing we use locations in Croatia. If frames and components survive there, they will pretty much survive anything.


From our testing center we ride our prototypes on Alpine trails in Jamnica (SI) and on the rockiest trails of UCI Premantura (HR), UCI Kamenjak (HR) and Rabac (HR).


Apart from these testing locations, we have other riders test our bikes in Spain and Switzerland, participating in many Enduro races and the EWS.


We build our bikes fully in-house with our own people. Only the raw carbon parts are coming from Asia.


Quality checks on all parts is done in-house, high-quality custom coating is done in Amsterdam and also the assembly of frames, bearings and full bikes we all do in house.

need help?

need help?

Do you have a question, a special request or would like a special offer? Let us know.

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