• Kodiak 150 FS


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    limestone satin, ice satin, clay satin, terracotta satin, olive satin, stillwater satin


    MD, LG, XL



    material: high mod carbon fiber

    coating: two-component, 3 layer system, by hand in Europe

    bearings: sealed double row ball bearings, sealed max ball bearings and self lubricating bronze graphite bearings.

    assembly: full quality control and frame assembly in house by Instinctiv

    rear travel: 150 mm

    rear brake: 180 mm post mount.

    Included in the frameset:

    - down tube and chainstay protectors
    - Acros Blocklock headset (ZS44, ZW56)
    - Instinctiv 30T narrow wide chainring
    - seatpost clamp (31.6 mm)
    - Fox mounting hardware for shock
    - Pinion spacerset
    - Pinion CT2 chain tensioner
    - Pinion 30T rear sprocket
    - through axle DT Swiss RWS 148×12 with detachable lever

    Remark: Shock and gearbox are standard not included in the frameset. In case the frameset is ordered with the belt drive option, then the Pinion CT2 chain tensioner, 30T chainring and 30T sprocket are not part of the delivery


    3.32 kg


    Standard: Pinion C1.9 gearbox, 9 gears, 568% range, 166 mm Q factor. Optional additions to this drivetrain are trigger shifting and a carbon belt drive.

    Optional: Pinion C1.12 gearbox, 12 gears, 600% range, 166 mm Q factor. Optional additions to this drivetrain are trigger shifting and a carbon belt drive.


    optional Fox Factory DHX 185×55 trunnion
    2 position lever adjustment, 8/16 clicks tuning range

    Fox Spring Calculator

    In the spring calculator you will need to fill out some personal preferences and some Kodiak 150 frame specific values. Please use the following:

    • - rear travel (Federweg hinten): 150 mm
    • - shock travel (Hub des Dämpfers): 55 mm
    • - load on rear end (Belastung auf den Hinterbau): 65%

    rider weight

    120kg / 264lb
    This maximum weight limit includes the rider weight plus gear and luggage (helmet, clothing, backpack, luggage carrier, etc.). Make sure to adhere to your suspension manufacturer’s recommended weight limits, as they may have lower weight limits.





    • your length (cm)
    • 165 - 180
    • 178 - 190
    • 188 - 205
    • stack
    • reach
    • top tube
    • head tube angle
    • head tube
    • seat tube angle
    • seat tube
    • chainstay
    • wheelbase
    • bb drop
    • bb height
    • standover height
    • 615
    • 452
    • 605
    • 64.5 °
    • 110
    • 76.0 °
    • 430
    • 444
    • 1230
    • 17
    • 358
    • 706
    • 624
    • 486
    • 642
    • 64.5 °
    • 120
    • 76.0 °
    • 460
    • 444
    • 1269
    • 17
    • 358
    • 738
    • 637
    • 518
    • 678
    • 64.5 °
    • 135
    • 75.9 °
    • 460
    • 444
    • 1307
    • 17
    • 358
    • 737
    • min. seat height*
    • max. seat height*
    • max. insertion depth
    • 633
    • 733
    • 228
    • 688
    • 818
    • 258
    • 688
    • 818
    • 258

    All sizes are given in millimeters, unless stated otherwise.
    * with a saddle stack of 40mm, a dropper post of 125 mm for size medium and a dropper post of 150 mm for sizes large and extra large.


    body height

    Stand straight with your back against a wall and place a book on your head. Make sure the book is parallel with the floor and at right angles to the wall, touching the wall. Make a mark on the wall with tape and measure the distance between the bottom of the book and the floor.

    leg length

    Stand straight up with your back against a wall. Take a book and tuck it between your legs. Pull up the book, simulating the pressure of sitting on a bike saddle. Make a mark on the wall with tape and measure the distance between the top of the book and the ground.


    next level riding

    A low center of gravity gives the Kodiak excellent handling and unparalleled smooth riding dynamics. And the gearbox drivetrain also offers you minimal maintenance.

    The unsprung mass of the rear wheel is radically less, as a derailleur and cassette are no longer needed, they are replaced by the gearbox in the center of the frame. This results in a responsive, lively ride feel and more grip on any trail surface, no matter how rough.

    chain or belt

    With a carbon belt you enjoy an extremely silent ride. You never need any grease and you are nearly maintenance-free.

    On the other hand a chain is a bit more efficient, more direct and works better in extreme situations, like enduro races.

    Should you ride chain or belt? Find out in this article.

    next level riding

    Experience the quick line selection, railing corners and increased stability in technical sections.

    The central positioning of the gearbox in the frame reduces the unsprung mass and increases rear suspension sensitivity. This results in a responsive, lively ride feel and increased grip on every trail surface, giving your maximum confidence.

    Pinion's magnesium gearbox is almost maintenance free and eliminates the risk of bending or breaking your derailleur.

    chain drive

    All our gearbox bikes come with a chain drive. We have done tests with belt drive, but most of our riders later made the conversion back to chain, as it feels more active, more efficient and works perfectly under all circumstances.

    grip shifting

    A Kodiak gearbox mtb can be run with either a Pinion DS2 grip shifter or with the Instinctiv trigger shifter. In both cases; shifting is fast, instant and precise.

    trigger shifting

    The Instinctiv Trigger Shifter offers an interaction that is resembling a derailleur shifter with the speed of a gearbox. The system has two stacked levers for thumb actuation. It allows you to shift one gear heavier, or one or two gears lighter with a single thumb stroke.

    electronic shifting

    We offer the Kodiak as well with Pinion's newest Smart.Shift system. This electronic shifting system works with a special gearbox, a trigger on the handlebar and a fully integrated battery in the Kodiak frame.

    Pinion Smart.Shift gearboxes differ from the normal C-line gearboxes in their internal structure. The shifting mechanisms and sensor technology are the main differences.

    The ergonomic TE1 shift lever was specially developed for electric shifting with Pinion Smart.Shift technology. The rubberised button surfaces provide ideal contact points for the thumb and the haptic button tuning ensures precise shifting.

    600% range

    With the gearbox mountain bike drivetrain you will have a huge 600% gear range, 20% more than an SRAM Eagle layout.

    • Pinion C1.12
    • chainring/cog
    • 30T x 26T
    • 30T x 30T
    • lowest
    • 0.63
    • 0.55
    • highest
    • 3.85
    • 3.33
    • SRAM Eagle
    • chainring
    • 32T
    • 34T
    • lowest
    • 0.64
    • 0.68
    • highest
    • 3.20
    • 3.40

    equal gear steps

    The Pinion C1.12 or C1.12i SmartShift gearboxes provides equal gear steps throughout all gears making your selected gear ratios more predictable than ever.

    • Pinion C1.12
    • 1
    • 2
    • 17.7%
    • 3
    • 17.7%
    • 4
    • 17.7%
    • 5
    • 17.7%
    • 6
    • 17.7%
    • 7
    • 17.7%
    • 8
    • 17.7%
    • 9
    • 17.7%
    • 10
    • 17.7%
    • 11
    • 17.7%
    • 12
    • 17.7%
    • SRAM Eagle
    • 50
    • 42
    • 19,1%
    • 36
    • 16,7%
    • 32
    • 12,5%
    • 28
    • 14,3%
    • 24
    • 16,7%
    • 21
    • 14,3%
    • 18
    • 16,7%
    • 16
    • 12,5%
    • 14
    • 14,3%
    • 12
    • 16,7%
    • 10
    • 20%
    • Pinion C.1.12
    • gear steps
    • 17.7%
    • SRAM Eagle
    • gear steps
    • 12,5 - 20%


    How does a Pinion gearbox mountain bike compare to a conventional derailleur in terms of efficiency? The short answer is that out on the trail, in varied terrain and changing conditions, it is practically impossible to notice any difference.

    A derailleur layout, under perfect ‘laboratory’ circumstances, has a bit higher efficiency. However when dirt comes into play and builds up the efficiency tends to drop a good few percent.

    Another major benefit of gearbox mountain bikes is the straight, constant chainline, ensuring great efficiency between chainring and rear wheel.

    less maintenance

    A Pinion gearbox on your mountain bike means more time on the trails. The gearbox operates in an open bath and is self-lubricating, so you only need to change oil every 10.000 km. You have almost no drivetrain maintenance and high cost of replacement parts.

    The Pinion gearbox is integrated into the frame at the bottom bracket and is completely sealed from the elements. It is protected from water and dirt and performs in all weather conditions. When the going gets rough on the trail, there are no visible shift components that can break off if you go a little too far.


    We believe you can do the math. Yes, a gearbox mountain bike weighs around 600 – 800 grams more than a bike with a conventional 1×12 derailleur group set.

    However about 600 – 900 grams of weight is moved from the rear wheel to the frame. This makes the rear wheel lighter. The suspension is more responsive. And during a climb it is difficult to notice the extra weight.


    Pinion gearboxes are used all over the world, in all conditions no matter how challenging. They have proven their robustness in numerous round-the-world rides. Ice cold temperatures at the Arctic Circle or sweltering desert heat do not present a problem for these transmissions.



    The Kodiak 150 has a progressive suspension character. This way the suspension is supple and sensitive around sag, yet big hit capable. Plush with little risk of bottoming out. How progressive a bike is depends primarily on the regression of the leverage ratio.

    We tested prototypes with various leverage curves and found the sweet spot: a leverage ratio that decreases by 15% throughout the bikes’ travel.

    If you want the suspension to be even more progressive there is the option of adding extra volume spacers in the shock. This is something we tweak when we set up the bike for you, based on your weight and where you plan to ride.


    Mountain bikes from major brands tend to be advertised with a single anti-squat percentage. What they don’t tell you is they can suffer from vastly different anti-squat values when shifting down the cassette. We have measured deviations up to 75%.

    The Kodiak 150 has a anti-squat value of around 115% at sag across all gears thanks to our chainline not being affected by gear shifts.

    So, why 115% anti-squat? In short this compensates for 100% of pedal bob induced by the pedal torque and another 15% to account for your body movement on the bike.

    Anti-squat values come down throughout the bikes’ travel: from more than 120% down to less than 90%. This way our team crafted a very efficient yet lively suspension platform.

    fully active

    The Kodiak 150 benefits from very little pedal kickback. Especially at high speed, in heavier gears kickback is negligible.

    This is a major benefit because it means the suspension remains fully active and sensitive during quick descends, even when pedaling.

    We achieved this thanks to a combination of our integrated gearbox and compact kinematics with limited chain growth.


    Anti-rise levels are optimal at 90 to 100% throughout the bikes’ suspension travel.

    This means that brake forces accurately compensate for any mass transfer during deceleration. Not only at sag-point but at any point throughout the bikes’ travel.

    In effect this stops you and the bike from tilting excessively forward under hard braking. At the same time levels around 100% still allow the suspension to remain active and sensitive throughout your braking zone.

    This way you won’t feel like you’re on a hardtail once you approach some brake bumps.


    The Kodiak 150 is designed to offer a near vertical initial axle-path. A vertical or rearward axle path improves the suspension’s smoothness.

    When the vectors from trail obstacles and the wheel path are more in line this results in the suspension being compressed rather than the bike being ‘held back’.

    The favorable axle path is a result of the patented Puma kinematic platform and its very compact rocker layout. 

    leverage ratio

    anti rise

    axle path

    anti squat

    pedal kickback


    compatible shocks

    Various coil and air shocks can be used in combination with the Kodiak 150. The following combinations have been validated:


    Float DHX 185 x 55 Trunnion


    Arma V3 185 x 55 mm Trunnion
    Storia Lok V3 185 x 55 mm Trunnion (lok lever needs to be turned upside down by EXT)


    Super Deluxe Select+ 185 x 55 mm Trunnion

    dt swiss

    R535 ONE 185 x 55 Trunnion


    Topaz T3 Air 185 x 55 Trunnion


    TTX2Air, 185 x 55 mm Trunnion

    non-compatible shocks


    Float X2 185 x 55 mm Trunnion,
    Remote versions of the Float DPX2 and Float X


    Deluxe 185 x 55 mm TR versions
    Super Deluxe Ultimate 185 x 55 mm TR versions
    Remote versions of the Deluxe and Super Deluxe

    spring calculation

    We advise to use the spring calculation from Fox to understand which spring rate you would need.

    Fox Spring Calculator

    In the spring calculator you will need to fill out some personal preferences and some Kodiak 150 frame specific values. Please use the following:

    Rear travel (Federweg hinten): 150 mm
    Shock travel (Hub des Dämpfers): 55 mm
    Load on rear end (Belastung auf den Hinterbau): 65%

    C1.9 gearbox

    Enduro riders love the pure efficiency of the 9-speed gearbox. The C1.9 is optimized for applications where larger gear steps and efficient shifting are a priority. Number of gears: 9, range: 568%, step size: 24.3%, weight: 2000 grams.

    C1.12 gearbox

    The C1.12 gearbox is the shifting system for trail riders with 12 finely stepped gears which offer an outstanding range and unique shifting comfort. Number of gears: 12, range: 600%, step size: 17.7%, weight: 2100 grams.

    grip shifter

    Light, efficient and ergonomically very good. Developed with Ergon. Great for shifting up and down multiple gears at once.

    trigger shifter

    Fast, precise and very close to what you are used to. Allows intuitive single upshift and double downshifts.

    E1900 spline

    Get all the focus you need for your Enduro debut moment with this DT Swiss wheel. A proven aluminum rim, a Ratchet LN freehub system and hand-laced steel spokes provide the reliability required from an Enduro wheel.

    1/1 enduro s

    Hailing from the iconic Industry Nine Enduro product family, versatility is the name of the game with the Enduro S Series. Built with a 30.5mm inner rim width, 1/1 Enduro S yields the rider double black pedigree, meanwhile capable of handling all day epics without complaint.

    hydra enduro s carbon

    The Industry Nine Hydra S Carbon series pairs the legendary performance of the flagship Hydra hub with the S Series chassis and modern carbon technology.


    Colors may appear different on your screen. Not all selection options are reflected and updated in the image representing the bike.

    lead time

    Standard lead time for a full bike is about 8 - 10 weeks to build and prepare for shipping. The mentioned estimated delivery date is based on the idea that you order and pay within 2 - 3 days. The estimated delivery dates are calculated to the best of our knowledge, but might change if we recieve parts later than expected.

    factory outlet bikes

    If you order a bike from our factory outlet, then we will do another quality check and prepare for packing. This means that your bike will be ready for shipment in a couple of days. If you order your factory outlet bike with an option, like Smart.Shift, carbon wheelset or belt drive, the lead time will be longer.


    If you live outside of mainland Europe, we will need to send you the Smart.Shift battery separately. This is due to transport and insurance issues we face if the battery is assembled into the frame. As soon as you receive the bike, you can dismount the Pinion gearbox, connect and insert the battery in the frame and mount the Pinion back on. We will give you instructions and support.


    Approx weight based on the lightest configuration in size L, with the lightest drive train, without pedals.