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design hq

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 253

1021KP Amsterdam

The Netherlands

+31 20 820 2211

Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 18.00 hours

performance HQ

52100 Premantura

Istra, Croatia



If you have a bike shop specializing in premium mountain bikes, and you want to represent our brand, organize demo’s and help our customers with local service and maintenance, then we are happy to hear from you.


Please write us at and tell us about your experience, facilities and idea’s.


If you are located outside the European Union and you see potential to import, sell and service our bikes locally on a wholesales basis, then we are happy to hear from you.


Please write an email to and tell us about your experience, possibilities and idea’s.


If you want to cover our bikes in your magazine or want to involve our bikes in a test, then please contact us at:

You can download our press kit, with high-res images, geometry charts and the Instinctiv story.


Are you interested in a job or internship with us? Do you want to combine your passion for mountain biking with a role as expert in e.g. marketing or bike assembly?


We are happy to hear from you. We do not have any pressing vacancies at the moment; however we evaluate regularly whether we should expand the team.


You can send an email with an informal application to:


Meet us at events, get to know fellow Instinctiv riders, hear inside stories from our development team.

Feel free to share your views and ideas for new developments we should explore.

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