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“The M scores points with its plush suspension and central riding position.”

Enduro MTB

“The bike rides extremely smooth and feels like a downhill bike.”


extremely smooth

fast shifting

athletic design,
enduro genes

reebok m

  • 130/140mm
  • 29″
  •  6.032 

Lightest in the M-series, but full with enduro genes. Is there anything you couldn’t ride?

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coyote m

  • 140/150mm
  • 29″
  •  6.115 

Baddest boy of the M-series, master of rough terrain. Ready to reach high speeds?

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kodiak m

  • 150/160mm
  • 29″
  •  6.198 

Big-hitting rig destined for enduro race tape. Reliable, fast and tons of grip. Win before you started.

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ocelot m

  • 150/150mm
  • mixed
  •  6.115 

Feel the unparalleled grip, the fast 29″ front wheel with the agility of a 27.5″ machine.

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jackal m

  • 150/160mm
  • 27.5″
  •  6.115 

The raddest machine of the M-series with tons of grip. Have fun, you can do amazing things.

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