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unique bike,
great fun.

extremely smooth suspension

gearbox with chain or belt

The ultimate trail bike with enduro genes. Is there anything you couldn’t ride?

Baddest boy of the M-series, master of rough terrain. Ready to reach high speeds?
The raddest machine of the M-series with tons of grip. Have fun, you can do amazing things.
Big-hitting rig destined for enduro race tape. Reliable, fast and tons of grip. Win before you started.
Feel the unparalleled grip, the fast 29″ front wheel with the agility of a 27.5″ machine.

what the pro's say

“The Instinctiv M scores points with its plush suspension and central riding position. The Pinion gearbox ensures a low centre of gravity and is beautifully integrated into the frame.”

“This high performance gearbox mountain bike is surely the most successful machine that we have been able to test with this type of transmission. It is totally consistent with its program, whether in terms of the suspension quality, the geometry, mass distribution or the finish.”

Downhill the M turns on and purrs smoothly through the terrain.The rear end works first class, responds well and reliably levels even rough passages. There is enough pop available for jumps and sufficient progression for hard landings. As a result, the potent rear end feels like more than 150 mm of travel.

“Although this Instinctiv M only has 140 millimeters of rear travel, it rides extremely smooth and feels like a downhill bike on the trail. Thanks to the Pinion gearbox and a good chain guide, it doesn’t make any noise and is unusually quiet on the descent.”

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The patented puma suspension platform is the core of our bikes. It makes our mountain bikes super smooth, fast and gives you more control then ever.

The gearbox on our M-series high performance mountain bikes gives you more control as your rear wheel is lighter. That means more grip, more confidence and much better riding.