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Meet the ultimate trail bikes. With enduro genes, automotive quality gearbox drive and the best suspension you have ever ridden. Extremely smooth, tons of grip, very fast.

Reebok G 130

  • gearbox drive
  • 29″
  • 7.600 

The Reebok G is full of enduro genes, but in a light trim, perfect for fast natural trails.

Coyote G 140

  • gearbox drive
  • 29″
  • 7.800 

If you love to reach high speeds on natural technical trails, then the Coyote G is your best friend.

Kodiak G 150

  • gearbox drive
  • 29″
  • 7.900 

The Kodiak G is your machine if you compete in enduro matches or love very technical alpine trails.

Ocelot G 150

  • gearbox drive
  • MX
  • 7.800 

If you want both speed and agility, ride in a bikepark and fast technical trails, then the Ocelot G is worth looking at.

Jackal G 150

  • gearbox drive
  • 27.5″
  • 7.800 

The Jackal G is all about fun, agilty and tricks, both in a bikepark or on the trails.

“The Coyote G scores points with its plush suspension and central riding position.”

Enduro MTB

“The rear end of the Ocelot G works first class, responds well and reliably levels rough passages.”

BIKE magazine

“This high performance gearbox mountain bike is surely the most successful machine that we have been able to test”

Magazine VTT

“The bike rides extremely smooth and feels like a downhill bike.”

PUMA suspension

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