the M




gearbox range


less unsprung weight**


hand build to order

150 mm travel*

600 % gearbox range

766gr less unsprung weight**

100 % hand build to order


active and sensitive


“You love adrenaline and adventure. The smell of forest, rocky descends and the gnarliest trails make you free.


We create quality bikes that give you maximum confidence. Build in-house to order, perfectly tuned to you. Shredding trails has never been more fun.”

Modern geometry

great stability, very nimble

Pinion drivetrain

600% range, quick shifting***

our story

“For a decade and a half we gained experience in development of high-end sports products. Now we combined our expertise with passion for mountain bikes.


Every frame we build is coated and handcrafted in the Netherlands. We don’t manufacture large series, every machine that leaves our building is a unique top performing bike.”


athletic and
nature inspired


compact and highly responsive

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* On the M97 and M7. The M9 has a rear travel of 140 mm and front travel of 150 mm.

** On our new M-series gearbox mountain bikes the weight reduction of unsprung drivetrain components is 766 grams compared to a SRAM Eagle GX or 649 grams compared to a SRAM Eagle XX1 drivetrain.

*** Approximate 200 ms is the measured time when switching one gear up or down with our optional trigger system in combination with a Pinion gearbox. It takes about 1.2 seconds to switch from your second lightest gear to your granny gear on a derailleur bike.