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the M

Patented ultra responsive suspension platform, less unsprung weight*, next-gen gearbox drive train, fast trigger shifting** and outstanding nature inspired design.


Mixed wheels, 150 mm rear travel, gearbox.


29″ wheels, 140 mm rear travel, gearbox.

"the rear end works first class..."
“Downhill the M97 rides smoothly through the terrain. The rear end works first class, jumps fine and reliably smooths out even rough passages.”
"... what an ingenious device!"

“I was able to test my new M9 for the first time today in a riding technique course, what an ingenious device!”

puma suspension

smoother & faster

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gearbox with trigger

next-gen drive train

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You can order your new Instinctiv online. Before you order, you most likely want to see and ride the bikes. You can check with our local dealers and visit them. Or you ride the bike on your home trials with our ‘try at home’ premium package.

17 – 19 September 2021, Lenzerheide CH
Peter, USA

“I got the bike about a week ago and absolutely loved it! You guys are not just great engineers but fantastic artists as well.”

Nicola, IT

“Finally I could unpacked the frame. It is absolutely insane… I was freaking out when I saw it.”

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* On our M-series gearbox carbon mountain bikes the weight reduction of unsprung drivetrain components is 766 grams compared to a SRAM Eagle GX or 649 grams compared to a SRAM Eagle XX1 drivetrain.

** Approximate 200 ms is the measured time when switching one gear up or down with our in-house developed trigger system in combination with a Pinion gearbox. It takes about 1.2 seconds to switch from your second lightest gear to your granny gear on a derailleur bike.

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