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    Your ride becomes magical with the best suspension you have ever ridden. But you shouldn’t take our word for it, read the reviews and check what our riders think.

    Instinctiv mountain bike reviews

    what the pro’s say

    Enduro MTB

    “The Kodiak 140 scores points with its plush suspension and central riding position. The Pinion gearbox ensures a low centre of gravity and is beautifully integrated into the frame.”

    BIKE magazine

    “Downhill the Kodiak MX turns on and purrs smoothly through the terrain. The rear end works first class, responds well and reliably levels even rough passages. There is enough pop available for jumps and sufficient progression for hard landings. As a result, the potent rear end feels like more than 150 mm of travel.”

    Magazine VTT

    “This bike is surely the most successful machine that we have been able to test with this type of transmission. It is totally consistent with its program, whether in terms of the suspension quality, the geometry, mass distribution or the finish.”


    “Although the Kodiak 140 only has 140 millimeters of rear travel, it rides extremely smooth and feels like a downhill bike on the trail. Thanks to the Pinion gearbox and a good chain guide, it doesn’t make any noise and is unusually quiet on the descent.”

    What our riders say

    Toby / Netherlands

    “The bike is really a lot of fun to ride. I really love my bike. I’m a bit of a reckless driver and tend to break everything on my bike (especially derailleurs). This bike so far has been bomb-proof. The handling is phenomenal and I never would want a mountain bike without a pinion and belt drive anymore. Goodbye greasy hands!”

    Johannes / Germany

    “The bike is really a lot of fun to ride.”

    Ian / Canada

    “The bike has been awesome. I wouldn’t change anything on the way I ordered it. Very happy with the grip shifter. The Kodiak is the best climbing and descending bike I’ve ever ridden.”

    Sebastian / Germany

    “Today I did the setup and first testride on the Kodiak 140 and I can’t stop grinning! Besides the great design, color and technology, I am also fascinated of the handling characteristics: The relative high weight of the bike seems to disappear on the trail, the central and low COG generates active handling and huge traction while the frame geometry results increased self confidence due to stability…”

    Jeppe / Denmark

    “The Kodiak MX 150 and I are doing very well. I love how it manages to be responsive, stable and playful at the same time. I am loving it and already matching my section times without going to my limits.”

    Swen / Switzerland

    “You did a great job! The bike looks brilliant! Personally I’ve been an active mountain biker from Switzerland for several years. I compete in various enduro races.

    Graham / UK

    “I purchased an Instinctiv Kodiak 130. It replaced by Santa Cruz 5010. But what a cracking replacement it is. Getting used to the grip shift is a doddle. First ride out I was dialed in within a couple of hours. It’s just brillant to be able to shift gear while free wheeling or begin stood still. As a riding experience it’s ability down hill is second to none, sticking to the ground like shit to a blanket, on the twisties it is extremly nimble. I beat all my down hilil PB’s on Strava the first time I rode them on the Kodiak 130 along with getting of KOMs.”

    Patrick / United States

    The Kodiak 140 is amazing. Shipping was fast and the bike is easily the best bike I’ve ever owned.”

    Peter / United States

    “We just completed the build! Wow! I’ve never ridden anything like this! You guys did a phenomenal job. The geometry is second to none! Thank you again for all your help and expertise.”

    Nicola / Italy

    “The frame is absolutely insane…I was freaking out when I saw it.”

    Greg / United States

    “I love riding and I do love what you’re doing with Instinctiv. The care and quality of the bike is first rate. And the suspension is absolutely the best I’ve ever seen.”

    Dorus / Netherlands

    “Thanks for the explanation yesterday when picking up my bike, I learned some new things! Yesterday I immediately went riding and it was great!”

    Geraint / Scotland

    “The bike is super planted. You guys have done a great job with it. In first week I was hitting PBs already. The trigger shifter is so easy to use and feels so familiar straight off the bat.“

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