maintain your bike

Our bikes are very durable and need little maintenance. With a few simple steps you make sure you can enjoy riding your bike for a long time.


When cleaning your bike, please never use a high pressure or steam cleaner, the seals are not built to withstand the pressure.


Use a hose, or bucket and sponge, to wet the bike and remove the majority of the mud and grime that has built up.


If you have a chain cleaning device use it to clean the chain, if not, you’ll simply have to apply a degreaser and use a brush. Make sure you have a specific brush for your chain and don’t use it on any other part of the bike, particularly the brakes. Contaminating your brake rotors with chain filth will ruin performance and may force you to replace your brake pads.


Use a soft brush to clean the whole bike down. The brushes combined with a detergent will loosen most of the remaining dirt from the bike. Remember the undersides and awkward bits that also need attention.

Use fresh water to rinse off the bike. Spin each wheel to rinse all the detergent out of the tread. Check all the dirt has been lifted off and revisit with the brush if any remains, then rinse again.


If you have a workstand, now is a good time to move the bike into it. Use an old dishcloth or chamois leather if you have one to dry the bike.


Apply lube to the chain while turning the pedals. Pay attention to manufacturer recommendations because it’s very easy to overdo it with lube.


How frequently you need to maintain your Magura brakes depends on how often you use your bike and the weather conditions. Check more frequently if you ride in extreme conditions.


A Magura brake pad is considered worn if the thickness of the pad plus the carrier plate is less then 2.5 mm at any point. The Magura rotor is considered worn if the thickness is less than 1.8 mm. Check and replace the brake pads and rotors when needed.


With the link below to the Magura instructions, you will be able to replace the pads, change the rotors and run a bleed session on your MT brakes.


Clean your Pinion gearbox from the outside using soap solution and a moist cloth. Bicycle care products or protection sprays can also be used.


From time to time, grease the inside of the gear shift box with lubricating grease that does not have any gumming properties.


Never retighten the special screws on the housing. These have been screwed in at the factory to the correct torque and then locked. This is the only way to guarantee that the transmission will remain leak-tight on a continuous basis.



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