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    Our bikes are high-end and durable. The components we use are top quality. We have tested our mountain bikes in the most extreme circumstances and many races.

    testing quality in the EWS


    Our bikes are expensive, we know that. But we want to use high-end components as much as we can. Components that are very durable, like the Pinion gearboxes. They will last a lifetime, as goes for our frames as well.

    We test out bikes to their limits by our test riders. For instance in the Enduro World Series to be absolutely sure that every component performs.

    Pinion gearboxes perform all over the world, in all conditions no matter how challenging. They have proven their robustness in numerous round-the-world rides. Ice cold temperatures at the Arctic Circle or sweltering desert heat do not present a problem for these transmissions. High altitudes, humid conditions or even the occasional transfer through a river is not a problem either if you occasionally check and make sure the inside of the gear shift box remains well greased.


    It is quite normal in the bike industry to use model years and market the same bike as something new the next year. We do not do that.

    We innovate all the time. Those upgrades will be available as well as parts. This helps you to keep your bike up to the latest standard if you would want that.

    Even if you would like a new paint job, in a new color or to repair coating damage, then that is also possible.


    Most of our production steps are done in the EU, we actually add about 55 up to 65 percent of the production value in the European Union. Many high-end components that we use on our bikes are made in the EU as well.

    We build our bikes fully in-house with our own people. Only the raw carbon parts are coming from Asia.

    We check the quality of all parts in-house, have the coating done in the Netherlands and also do the full assembly of bikes and frames in house.


    If your frame got damaged beyond repair, we can help you with a crash replacement and recycle your frame in a proper way. In that way the carbon from your frame can be re-used in other products, like high quality public transport seats or even bike frames.

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