• shipping

    We ship your bike to any location in Europe, almost completely assembled. You only need to mount the handlebar, pedals and wheels and you are ready to ride.


    We ship your bike in our special bike box, almost completely assembled with an express shipping services like DHL, FedEx or UPS. Should there be any missing articles, then those will be delivered to you subsequently and free of charge.


    If you buy a bike from outside the European Union, like from Switzerland or Norway, then we will sell you the bike without 21% VAT and you are responsible yourselves to pay the applicable local taxes and duties.

    The express shipping services that we use like FedEX, DHL or UPS will help you with the import process and will ask you to pay the taxes and duties to them.

    outside of Europe

    Contact us if you want your bike to be shipped outside of Europe. In some cases we can do that, in other cases you will need to arrange shipping yourself or pick up your bike here in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


    Due to strict battery regulations in airfreight we can only ship your bike with Pinion Smart.Shift electronic shifting to locations in mainland Europe.


    All our bike boxes are insured during the transit period. When you receive your bike, frame or bike parts, please examine the package immediately for any damages.

    If there should be damage then please notify us within 24 hours, so that we can inform the insurance company.

    Please contact us before you send back any packages.

    after you ordered

    After you placed your order, the following is going to happen:

    1. check

    A couple of minutes after you place your order, you receive an email with your order details. Please check if all is correct.

    2. confirm

    After your payment came in, we will confirm and process your order. Your bike or frame now has a fixed production slot.

    3. build

    We allocate the right components and have your frame coated in the color you selected. When all parts are in, we carefully assemble and tune your bike.

    4. check

    When the assembly is finished, every bike has to pass our quality check. This is where we double check the bike, so we can assure it works well and that everything is just like you ordered it.

    5. ship

    We will let you know when we ship out your bike and send you a tracking code. All bikes are shipped fully insured with our partners FedEx, UPS or DHL.

    If you order parts, we will ship them immediately if they are in stock or as quickly as they become available.

    6. ride

    Your bike arrives almost completely assembled. Instructions about setup and mounting the wheels and handlebar are included in a special protective transport box.