• bike leasing

    Leasing a bike through your employer is cheaper than buying it directly as leasing is tax-advantaged. And if your employer also subsidizes the installments, you can ride even cheaper.

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    Any bike can be your company bike. You can ride it anywhere: to work every day, out on the trails at the weekend and off on an adventure on vacation.

    First you will have to check if your employer is participating in a leasing program.

    Next you can select your dream trial or enduro bike with the color and configuration as you like it on our website and contact Sebastian from Sattelfest Bikes. He can advise you about geometry and sizing and will help you sign a leasing contract. As soon as the leasing contract is approved, he will order the bike for you.

    Once your bike is build and ready, we will deliver the bike directly at your home.

    Presently bike leasing is only available in Germany.

    It is possible to lease a bike through one of the following leasing programs in Germany:

    Business bike
    Deutsche dienstrad
    Company bike


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